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turn matrix into function ?

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best16 programmer
best16 programmer on 27 Mar 2017
Answered: John BG on 27 Mar 2017
i have two colomns a and b, i want to turn them into a function such as b=f(a),is that possible thank you


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Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 27 Mar 2017
There is an infinite number of functions that would fit the brief. Perhaps you're looking for a polynomial fit, a spline fit, or something else. It's hard to know with so little information.
f = @(x) b(a == x);
would be a function that fits the brief (and errors for any input that is not in a). I doubt it is what you want.


best16 programmer
best16 programmer on 27 Mar 2017
what i want is te determine the point of intersection between a curve and X axis.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 27 Mar 2017
What relationship does that have to a and b ?
For example do a and b together create a piecewise cubic spline?

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John BG
John BG on 27 Mar 2017
Hi Best Programmer
the problem you want to solve, the capture of intersections between curves that DO NOT have defined the exact points of interesection is already solved in the MATLAB exchange.
I have used Mr Schwarz's function intersections.m repeatedly and it always hits the points the right points:
at least 2 points per curve. Try it, it works.
if you find these lines useful would you please mark my answer as Accepted Answer?
To any other reader, if you find this answer of any help please click on the thumbs-up vote link,
thanks in advance for time and attention
John BG


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