how can i implement a pid controller with firefly algorithm to optimize pid parameters ?

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sandy jeak
sandy jeak on 10 Apr 2017
Commented: Varun Rai on 14 Feb 2020
i use firefly algorithm to find the optimal values of PID parameters Kp,Kd,Ki i built code for PID controller with my system but how can i implement the firefly algorithm with my code to find optimal value for PID parameters

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noor diyana
noor diyana on 11 May 2017
Hi Sandy jeak . You can try out this code from my senior project. I think its working successful. For objective function and MaxIt ,runtime also you can change as system that you want. All the best! Now, I've to use social spider optimization(SSO)to optimize PID Controller.Hopefully someone can help me also.
Varun Rai
Varun Rai on 14 Feb 2020
suppose we have multiple pid controllers in simulink model then how can we write the firefly algorithm foe that. for eg. multiararea load frequency control . reply pls

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ednilson szeskoski
ednilson szeskoski on 12 Sep 2017
The way to write the transfer function was correct. What was generating the error was the VarMax = 10 where when decreasing the variable obtained success in the simulation. Thank you.

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