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Unable to change data from row to column by using transpose

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Gil Cheah
Gil Cheah el 20 de Jun. de 2017
Comentada: Gil Cheah el 21 de Jun. de 2017
I imported the data from excel file, and the data is needed to run with wavelet 1-D analysis. After entering the wavemenu, it said that my data is not in 1-D dimension, so i guess that my data have to listed as column instead of row. However, I have unable to transpose the data by using A.' or A'
This is the showed on my command window "Error using ' (line 148) Undefined function 'ctranspose' for input arguments of type 'table'."
Anyone can tell me why? Thanks in advance

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Wayne King
Wayne King el 20 de Jun. de 2017
Is the data in your workspace in the form of a MATLAB table?
What does the >>whos
command print out in your workspace? or better yet, let's say the data is stored in your MATLAB workspace as X, what does >>class(X)
print out.
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Wayne King
Wayne King el 20 de Jun. de 2017
Editada: Wayne King el 20 de Jun. de 2017
You can also extract a numeric vector from a a table() with table2array()
load patients
patients = table(LastName,Gender,Age,Height,Weight,Smoker,Systolic,Diastolic);
weight = table2array(patients(:,4)); % extract weight variable as vector
The Wavelet 1-D tool will not care if your signal is a row or column vector.
Gil Cheah
Gil Cheah el 21 de Jun. de 2017
Thanks, now i can extract those information with that!

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