Pulse generator issue with memory blocks

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Jake G
Jake G on 10 Jul 2017
Edited: Jake G on 10 Jul 2017
Hello, I seem to have an issue with a pulse generator.
Pulse1 -> SubSystem -> Pulse2 ->[triggers subsystem2] ->Matlab function block (general signal flow)
as you can see below the parameters of the pulses are the same, but when I measure them they are not... any ideas? (subsystem1 is not triggered)
I also have a few memory blocks from the triggered sub system and if I remove these the problem goes away (but I need them)
Here is a look at subsystem1
The measurments are taken at 'Trigger' and 'Pulse generator2' , you cant see it but 'Trigger' is fed by pulse generator1 outside the subsystem.

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