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Testing if a Python executable was detected, gracefully

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Dev-iL on 24 Aug 2017
Commented: Dev-iL on 24 Aug 2017
Hello everybody,
I'm writing unit tests for code that calls some Python scripts. Early on, I would like to test whether MATLAB can find a valid Python executable. Naturally, the function to use in this case is `pyversion` - however, the documentation does not specify the expected outputs in case an executable is not found. I'm assuming these are empty strings/char arrays, but have no way of verifying that.
Another approach that would likely work is just trying to use the interface (with a fallback):
py.None; % or many other constants/functions that work when python is set up correctly
% ... it works
% ... it doesn't work
However, this makes me cringe a little, since I'd rather avoid `try/catch` if there's an `if/else` that can achieve the same.
Can you please suggest a graceful non-windows-specific way to test if the current instance of MATLAB is able to interface with Python?


Adam on 24 Aug 2017
>> stuff = pyversion
stuff =
0×0 empty char array
This seems to work fine to test an ampty string.
Dev-iL on 24 Aug 2017
Hi Adam - thank you for trying that! Which OS+MATLAB release did you get this on?

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 24 Aug 2017
Did you check "doc pyversion"?
The syntax is there:
[version, executable, isloaded] = pyversion

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Dev-iL on 24 Aug 2017
Of course I checked it - it is also mentioned in the question.

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