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Using copyobj to copy lines plotted with datetime xdata

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Matlab returns a warning "Error updating Line. Value must be a vector of numeric type" when I use copyobj to copy a line object in which the XData are datetimes, not numeric. Is there a way to prepare the new axes to receive lines plotted with datetime? Is there a datetime-tolerant version of copyobj?
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Xiaoyi Zhao
Xiaoyi Zhao el 20 de Nov. de 2020
I had similar issue for a longtime, and I was "solving" them by simply plot timeserise with "datenum" (i.e., the MATLAB serieal time) not "datetime". But, the simple/real solution should be this:
For the traget figure
set(gca, 'XAxis',;
Then, you could do the copyobj which the XData are datetime.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson el 25 de Ag. de 2017
First you have to set the XRuler property of the second axes to be a DateTime ruler, such as
L = ... the line object
ax = ancestor(L, 'axes');
nax = axes();
nax.XRuler = ax.XRuler;
copyobj(L, nax)

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