Surface Acoustic Wave filter

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farheen asdf
farheen asdf el 12 de Sept. de 2017
Comentada: vickey el 25 de Mzo. de 2018
Hi. I want to make a SAW bandpass filter but I don't know where to start. I found detailed matlab codes for various types of filters and possibility to chose different substrates and different temperatures etc. But I can't understand these codes as they are too complex. If anyone can guide me as to where I should begin? Right now I just want a filter for one substrate (any substrate) at room temperature.
Attached is the folder containing SAW filters that I found. I found this work to be brilliant but still out of my capability at the moment. If someone can guide me towards whoever made this I will be very thankful.
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vickey el 25 de Mzo. de 2018
do you have code for impedance element type filter based on leaky saw

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