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How to Make Communication Serial RS 232 with simulink and How to controll activeX Angular gauge compass

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wildan on 19 Apr 2012
I want to introduce my self, my name is Wildan, from Indonesia.I have something to ask about my final project.
My final project is monitoring the direction toward the satellite. My hardware (microcontroller atmega 16 + compass sensor) I connect to a PC Matlab using bluetooth. From matlab, simulink data is processed in the input. of simulink will be connected to the GUI and VR Sink to perform animation. GUI consists of angular Gauge activeX compas and animation that was created using VReal Builder.
I want to ask are:
  1. How do I connect the serial bluetooth. I have been using RS 232 instrument setup in simulink library, but do not know how to send it.
  2. How do I control activeX angular gauge the value of the sensor was as input.Example, of the sensor output is 90 degrees, then the angular compas gauge was pointing in the direction of 90 degrees.
This is the file that I created, but the error still occurs
Thank you in advance, may God avenge your work. regards


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