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Problems with BytesAvailableFcn in App designer

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Guillermo Cid Espinosa
Guillermo Cid Espinosa el 30 de Nov. de 2017
Comentada: wu xianhua el 16 de Nov. de 2020
I write in this forum to see if someone could help me solve the problem I have with the BytesAvailableFn function. I am developing an interface using the matlab app designer but when I run the code the program does not access the read function (I have put a debug to check it) and I do not understand where the error may be. The problem is that this code works in Guide but in App designer it does not. Thank you very much I hope for your help. I enclose a fragment of the code:
app.t_waveforms.BytesAvailableFcnMode = 'byte';
app.t_waveforms.BytesAvailableFcnCount = app.buffer + 8;
set (app.t_waveforms.BytesAvailableFcn, @read);

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Chris Portal
Chris Portal el 4 de Dic. de 2017
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Guillermo Cid Espinosa
Guillermo Cid Espinosa el 29 de Mzo. de 2018
Thank you very much. I finally managed to solve it. The problem was that in the @read function it was necessary to declare more input arguments.
wu xianhua
wu xianhua el 16 de Nov. de 2020
i have the same problem, have the solution yet ? ths

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