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How to create a simulink diagram

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Noah Kebschull
Noah Kebschull on 11 Dec 2017
Commented: Noah Kebschull on 12 Dec 2017
I'm having some difficulty learning how to set up and use Simulink diagrams. I have an equation of y=3000-1/2(9.81)t^2, and I need to create a Simulink diagram of this while setting the simulation time from 0 to 30 seconds with a step size of 1. I then need to modify the diagram to stop when y reaches a specific value. I've looked through the blocks, but I'm not sure how o start this or what blocks to use.


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Accepted Answer

Birdman on 11 Dec 2017
See the attached model and let me know the results.

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Noah Kebschull
Noah Kebschull on 12 Dec 2017
Thank you sir, that worked the way I needed it to.

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