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Qt GUI wrapper for matlab based dlls to run on GPU

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Oindri on 21 Dec 2017
Commented: Oindri on 26 Dec 2017
My algo handles large data and processes it to form remote sensed images. The GUI written in Qt shall call matlab dlls of the different algos involved. Plz guide me on my part. Is it enough to implement gpuArray/distribute/gather functions wherever necessary on the callback algos? Should I worry about CUDA kernel programming or is it taken care by Matlab itself? Is Library Compiler enough to generate dlls for GPU based algo? If not, then should I look into the GPU coder?


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Joss Knight
Joss Knight on 21 Dec 2017
MATLAB Compiler will work correctly for gpuArray code. You don't need to write your own CUDA kernels, you just write MATLAB code. GPU Coder is an option, if you want to remove the dependency between your GUI and the MATLAB Compiler Runtime. But it supports a subset of the total functionality.

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