Acceleration Data for Quarter car in simulink state space model

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Hello everyone, I m trying to plot acceleration vs time graph in Simulink for the quarter car model. As I m taking the output from this point as I have attached the pic the G.A PID is giving more acceleration value than the passive system. Can u suggest me what I m doing is correct or wrong or there is another way we can plot the graph for acceleration vs time?
raju patel
raju patel on 13 Feb 2018
Still, the same problem is occurring. My doubt is that the point what I have marked in 1st photo is correct to point to take acceleration value.

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Answers (1)

Birdman on 13 Feb 2018
Since we do not know your model, there can be several situations for this:
1- You may have modelling error.
2- You may have your PID incorrectly tuned.
3- Your solver may not be suitable for what you are doing.
4- Your step size may become too small during the simulation.
etc. etc.
Birdman on 14 Feb 2018
Well, with this set of informations, all I can say is said in my initial answer. The rest is yours.

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