find bandwidth of Kernel Density Estimator

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ha ha
ha ha on 6 Mar 2018
Answered: ha ha on 6 Mar 2018
I'm doing kernel density estimator of the set of 1d data by using the blow code:
clear;clc;data=[randn(100,1)-10;randn(100,1)+10]; % normal mixture with two humps
hold on;plot(xmesh',density);xlabel('data');ylabel('density');grid on; % plot kde with solve-the-equation bandwidth
The function "kde" is used as follow link:
The example result is as this below picture.
Question: Now, I wanna find some value (data1, data2, bw1, bw2)from this result. Please see the figure. How can I find???

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ha ha
ha ha on 6 Mar 2018

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