Extract frames from a mp4 video and saving in a file

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Nabeel Ahmed
Nabeel Ahmed el 16 de Mzo. de 2018
Respondida: Anay Aggarwal el 12 de Jul. de 2022
I want to Extract frames from a video and save them in a file. This is the code I used:
close all;
video = 'test.mp4';
vid = VideoReader(video);
opFolder = fullfile(cd,'Frames');
if ~exist(opFolder,'dir')
numFrames = vid.CurrentTime;
numFramesWritten = 0;
for t=1:numFrames
currFrame = read(mov,t);
opBaseFileName = sprintf('%3.3d.png', t);
opFullFileName = fullfile(opFolder, opBaseFileName);
imwrite(currFrame, opFullFileName, 'png');
progIndication = sprintf('Wrote frame %4d of %d.', t, numFrames);
numFramesWritten = numFramesWritten + 1;
progIndication = sprintf('Wrote %d frames to folder "%s"',numFramesWritten, opFolder);
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Nabeel Ahmed
Nabeel Ahmed el 16 de Mzo. de 2018
First time using matlab, and i need to make my FYP so i need help

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Anay Aggarwal
Anay Aggarwal el 12 de Jul. de 2022
Hi Nabeel
I have an understanding that you want to extract frames from an mp4 video.
Please check out the following link to get the reference:


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