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Simulink function block loses its code interface configuration information

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Xiaojie Qiu
Xiaojie Qiu on 29 Mar 2018
Commented: Xiaojie Qiu on 3 Apr 2018
Hi everyone,
I'm trying to add my simulink function block into my custom library. The function interface of the block has already been configured to a desired format.
However, after I put this simulink function block from the user library into the simulink model editor, the block doesn't contain its code interface configuration information any more. All configurations come back to the default settings, so that I have to configure it manually every time. In addition, I have to firstly disable its library link, before configurating it.
So I would like to know:
1) Whether there is a way to keep the configuration information of the simulink function block remained in the custom libray OR
2) Whether there is a way to programmatically configurate code interface for a simulink function block?
Thanks a lot!

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