IF I rename a variable name with eval after how I can save the variable with the new name?

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Flavia Aluisi
Flavia Aluisi on 3 Apr 2018
Commented: Guillaume on 3 Apr 2018
Hi, I have a problem to save a value with the name create by using "eval" function. Here the code
y = getfield(stage, event);
first_part = y(:,[1:950]);
second_part = y(:,[951:1900]);
b = size(first_part,2);
z = [];
for i = 1:b
a = first_part(:,i);
Z_first = zscore(a);
c = second_part(:,i);
Z_second = zscore(c);
z = [Z_first Z_second];
filename = event;
e = inputname(3);
e = strtok(e ,'psth_');
cell = char(cellType);
name = [e filename];
str = [name,'= z;'];
can you please help me to solve this problem?
Guillaume on 3 Apr 2018
No, that is not your ultimate goal. You're then planning to do something with that. What is it?
save the "z" value is a bit meaningless. Save to disk? in a mat file?

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