Python-like generator for reading large CSV file?

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roudan el 16 de Abr. de 2018
Respondida: roudan el 16 de Abr. de 2018
I have a large csv file, typically I just read everything into a array like this
num =csvread(filename,2,2)
if csv file is big, the num array will be big as well and sometime it blowout my memory.
In python, there is a way to read the file but without holding the data in the memory. the methods use generator object. For example,
Base case(w/o using generator object):
value=[len(x) for x in open('filename.tx')] this case will hold the data in the memory
another case(use generator object:
it=(len(x) for x in open('filename.tx'))
the it is a generator object and it only hold the memory size for the generator expression without holding memory for all the data, later, we just extract the data by using next(it).
I am wondering if Matlab has similar generator object as Python when reading csv file to save the memory? Thanks

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Guillaume el 16 de Abr. de 2018

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roudan el 16 de Abr. de 2018
Thank you, Guillaume. That is awesome! I appreciate it.


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