how to control movie play rate?

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roudan el 4 de Mayo de 2018
Respondida: Van Thuan Hoang el 6 de Ag. de 2021


I am using videowriter and writevideo to generate a movie. The movie generated play too fast so I cannot see it. I am wondering if I can generate a movie which play slowly after opening it. If I reduce the frame rate, the movie does play slower on the matlab figure screen during the generation process. However, after generating the movie as avi file, I opened it and play it and it still play very fast.

Thank you so much for your help.

The code I am using like this:

v = VideoWriter(movie_filename); v.FrameRate=2; v.Quality = 95;

% Get frame as an image mov_iframe = getframe(hmovie_axes,rect); writeVideo(v,mov_iframe)

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Van Thuan Hoang
Van Thuan Hoang el 6 de Ag. de 2021

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