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Use packages to group the methods of the class

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Andrea Stevanato
Andrea Stevanato el 23 de Mayo de 2018
Comentada: Adam el 24 de Mayo de 2018
It's possible to group the methods of the classe like this:
and use it with obj.pkg2.method12

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Robert U
Robert U el 24 de Mayo de 2018
Hi Andrea Stevanato,
according to Matlab documentation there is no packaging of methods introduced:
You may have a "private" folder containing methods with private access. All other methods have to be in class folder.
Found also here:
Kind regards,
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Robert U
Robert U el 24 de Mayo de 2018
If you want to cluster your methods according to purpose, you could go for the function name: obj.utility_method1(), obj.utility_method2()...
Kind regards,
Adam el 24 de Mayo de 2018
It sounds like they should be in separate classes if you have a need to call them in that way, although I can't think off hand of anything which specifically drives the need for how a function ought to be called, without an example.

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