How do I change input values in different function file ?

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I have a .m file with several function file and my focus is to observe the changes in PSNR and SSIM results values. How do I make changes to the INPUT values of any of the function files ? Please guide me. Thank you
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Chidiebere Ike
Chidiebere Ike el 23 de Jul. de 2018
Editada: Walter Roberson el 23 de Jul. de 2018
Hello Walter, I am using the code on I intend to make some modifications to improve the algorithm. Can you please suggest to me an idea to improve the result of this code as this will to help improve my knowledge? Thanks so much

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson el 26 de Mayo de 2018
scaleup_ICR does not appear to be called by the demo code, but scaleup_ICR_MIKSVD is called and expects the same kind of first input.
If you look at line 207 you will see that DEMO_CRC loads conf_ICR_App_1 from a .mat file if the .mat exists, and otherwise builds a struct field by field, starting around line 213. Around line 691 the structure is adjusted to current information and then scaleup_ICR_MIKSVD is called on it.
So you can be fairly sure that scaleup_ICR should be called with a struct that has much the same fields as are constructed for conf_ICR_App_1
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Chidiebere Ike
Chidiebere Ike el 24 de Jul. de 2018
It's Okay, Thanks so much, I appreciate

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