contour plot not working because of duplicate value

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Hello Everybody
I have 3 vectors with 95000 rows. X, Y,and T(time of rupture). Now I need to draw contour using these 3 vectors.but it sounds there are duplicates data(an error message say so! I guess there might be some data with same X and Y ) . I would like to removes them before drawing contour plot. Can anyone help. Thank You for your time.

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Varun Garg
Varun Garg on 4 Jun 2018
Hi Samaneh,
My understanding of your question is that for the vectors X and Y you want to find values which are common in both.
For that you can use
Example snippet:
x=[1 2 3 4 5 10 20 30];
y=[4 5 10 100 90 22 33];
[z ix iy]= intersect(x,y)
Hope my understanding was right. You can refer documentation here .
Samaneh Arzpeima
Samaneh Arzpeima on 6 Jun 2018
Thamk you again
I just need one set of (x,y) to have one value of time or slip. for a point with coordinate lets say (x=2,y=3) if I have 3 value for time like
x y t
2 3 3
2 3 2
2 3 5
I want to keep point(2,3) with the lowest time, so I have to delete first and third row.

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