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How to plot vector field?

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Samaneh Arzpeima
Samaneh Arzpeima el 12 de Jun. de 2018
Comentada: KSSV el 13 de Jun. de 2018
Hello Everybody I have 4 vectors x,z,dx,dz which respectively are coordinate of x,coordinate of z, displacement in x direction ,displacement in z direction. I want to plot a vector field graph for displacement, to see the amount and direction of displacement on each point.size of each vector is (110000,1).
What I could think of was
But didn’t work at all. Any help would be highly appreciated as I am still new to matlab. Thank you in advance
#x,z are evenly spaced, I mean with different intervals.

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KSSV el 13 de Jun. de 2018
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Samaneh Arzpeima
Samaneh Arzpeima el 13 de Jun. de 2018
Thank you @KSSV
I did as you said,but its too dense and can not see anything(i attached the file).also when i zoom in to the graph all the arrows have the same direction! the slip(or dislocation) suppose to change the direction after some time.
KSSV el 13 de Jun. de 2018
That's the data you had..may be you can skip few data and plot. Also have a look on quiver. YOu can specify the magnitude length etc.

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