Can i make a personalized license warning message?

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We have a large ammount of Matlab users and we are near to renew our licenes. Users are receiving the following warning:
Your MATLAB license will expire in xx days.
Please contact your system administrator or
MathWorks to renew this license.
Is there a way we can modify the message to advice users that IT team will renew licenses in XX days? We would like to avoid users calling us all the time.
Thanks for your help.

Answers (1)

OCDER on 14 Jun 2018
You could place a startup.m file in the matlab path or the userpath (ex: 'C:\Users\usr121\Documents\MATLAB\startup.m'). The contents of the startup.m file could be something like these:
disp('The IT team will renew license soon! Ignore the following Matlab warning messages!!!')
I'm not sure if the maltab warning that's a true warning type or a fprintf type. If the former and there's a warning message id (which is obtainable using [~, MSGID] = lastwarn ), then you could add this to the startup.m file:
warning off MSGID




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