different speed of ODE benchmark with and without MATLAB gui

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When I ran matlab benchmark on Linux at MATLAB GUI and at MATLAB command line (without gui) I get the different speed of ODE benchmark:
time_gui = bench(50);time_meam = mean(time_gui,1)
0.0824 0.1204 *0.0489* 0.0871 0.4029 0.4236
MATLAB cmdline:
time_cmd = bench(50);time_meam = mean(time_cmd,1)
0.0829 0.1214 *0.0142* 0.0948 0.3838 0.4166
Why is ODE (only!!!) benchmark 4x slower at MATLAB with GUI than at MATLAB without GUI (3rd number) at averaged benchmark results?
Auralius Manurung
Auralius Manurung on 27 May 2021
This also happens to me. The nodesktop test for the ODE is faster.

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