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Use only defined 4D array elements

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Mantas Vaitonis
Mantas Vaitonis on 22 Jul 2018
Commented: Mantas Vaitonis on 22 Jul 2018
Hello to All, There is 4D array varcov (NxNxZxL), I need to make other 4D array with the following values:
varcov1=[varcov(1,1,:,:) varcov(2,2,:,:) varcov(3,3,:,:) ..till end(N)];
That result varcov1 would be (1xNxZxL).


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Accepted Answer

Rik on 22 Jul 2018
The code below should work for you. Since R2016b you can use the line with implicit expansion.
varcov=reshape(1:(N*N*Z*L),N,N,Z,L);%generate sample data
inds=bsxfun(@plus,(1:N+1:N^2)',N^2*(0:(Z*L-1)));%find the inds to the diagonal of each slice
%(1:N+1:N^2)'+N^2*(0:(Z*L-1)); with implicit expansion

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Mantas Vaitonis
Mantas Vaitonis on 22 Jul 2018
Yes this works, thank you.

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