Abnormal results using + operator in matlab 2018a

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Hello every one.Found this problem while using matlab where vectors of different sizes were added and a matrix was given as a result.Can any anyone explain whats happening.

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Guillaume on 27 Jul 2018
"Can any anyone explain whats happening"
That is the behaviour of matlab since R2016b introduced implicit expansion. If you want element wise addition of the vector elements make sure your vectors are in the same direction. What you see now is equivalent to
bsxfun(@plus, A, B)
in versions prior to R2016b.
Much has been written about implicit expansion. No point complaining about it, it's not going to change. In my opinion, your operation should have been an error in <R2016b.
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SandeepKumar R
SandeepKumar R on 27 Jul 2018
Thanks for the reply.No complaints here but didn't know what was happening. Thanks a lot.

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