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Iterative equalization with training when the equalizer has a delay

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Hello there
So I was building a equalizer using the build-in system object with a reference tap at 2, which means the equalizer has a delay of 1
eqObj.RefTap = 2;
because of the delay, if I want to train 10 samples, I will need 11 samples
equalize(eqObj, sig(1:11), ref(1:10));
my question is that I want to train it iteratively, sample by sample, and the code is something like this
eqObj.ResetBeforeFiltering = 0;
for n = 1:10
eqOut(n) = equalize(eqObj, sig(n), ref(n));
% do something here, but nothing for now
and the results are different with the above code, plus a warning because of the equalizer delay.
without the delay, the two equalizers' outputs are the same. So is there anyway I can keep the delay but still train the equalizer iteratively?
Thank you

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