error when using multi-gpu option for trainingNetwork

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I've stuck with this problem for more than a month. In 'trainingOptions', 'gpu' is working for 'ExcutionEnvironment', but 'multi-gpu' is not working and showing the following error!
Parallel training of recurrent networks is not supported. 'ExecutionEnvironment' value in trainingOptions function must be 'auto', 'gpu', or 'cpu'.
I have two GPUs. If I check 'gpuDevice', I can see both GPUs. Also, I have Parallel Computing Toolbox, but I don't know what should I change in that toolbox in order to use the multi-gpu option.
Thank you so much in advance for your effort to help my problem!! W

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Joss Knight
Joss Knight on 8 Aug 2018
You have a recurrent network. So you have a network with a SequenceInputLayer and at least one LSTM layer. For these networks, multi-gpu training is not yet supported. Sorry.
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Wonsup Lee
Wonsup Lee on 12 Aug 2018
Edited: Wonsup Lee on 29 Jan 2019
Hi Joss, Thank you for the notification. Hope the multi-gpu option is soon possible for LSTM! Regards, W

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