Populating values across a cell

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My data is composed of four cells coming from 4 text files(length of num_files is 4 ). Within each cell values are stored in strings. I wanted to perform an operation in each cell of the data. Once the operation is completed, the data is saved to a cell data_pro .Unfortunately, in data_pro the values in the first cell is duplicated again in the rest of the cells. Any help to solve this will be appreciated.
num_files = length(filenames);
data_pro = cell(1);
for pp = 1:num_files
data_ts = data{pp}(:,1);
new_frame = contains(data_ts,'-');
frame_num = cumsum(newframe);
data_with_frames = [num2cell(frame_num) data{pp}];
data_pro{pp} = data_with_frames;

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James Tursa
James Tursa on 5 Sep 2018
Edited: James Tursa on 5 Sep 2018
There is nothing in your loop body that uses the index pp other than the data_pro{pp} assignment, so every data_pro{pp} is going to get the same assignment. Maybe you need to use something like data{pp} instead of data{1,1} in your loop body.
Hari krishnan
Hari krishnan on 8 Sep 2018
@Hi James, I found the answer. Thank you.

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