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MATLAB documentation overwriting built-in function!

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N.B.: Didn't know where to put this, it's not a question but rather a "heads up", and since it's not a "bug" per se I didn't want to put it in "Bug reports". Anyway, I just stumbled upon this piece of documentation, where a built-in function is overwritten in the example: Documentation link: inputdlg The built-in function 'title' is overwritten in more than one of the following examples in the documentation:
Example in documentation:
prompt = {'Enter matrix size:','Enter colormap name:'};
title = 'Input';
dims = [1 35];
definput = {'20','hsv'};
answer = inputdlg(prompt,title,dims,definput)
Since "title" is already a built-in function use of the examples, in the documentation, gave rise to some issues that was quickly discovered, however, I think it's a bad example to have. Anyhow, just wanted to let you know (whoever fixes these things) :)
Best regards!
Alexander Jensen
Alexander Jensen on 11 Sep 2018
Thanks for the feedback everyone. I've submitted a service request for technical support and documentation errors. :)

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Alexander Jensen
Alexander Jensen on 11 Sep 2018
"Answer" to the proper way to report a documentation error:
Contact Us -> Contact Support -> Service Request -> Documentation Errors, etc.

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