variables in array form for ga optimization

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I have a problem with 2 parts and 3 machines assignment..each part as 2 routings.say P1 1st row is for route 1 and 2nd row is route 2.. columns represent the machines
P1=[3 0 2;2 2 1];
P2=[4 1 0;1 2 2];
My objective function is
I an trying to do integer programming with GA but I cant understand the formulation of variables for ga.. they can be x(1) [either row one or row two representing P1] and x(2) [either row 1 or 2 representing P2] What I understnad is I can define 2 array of 1x3 size. what can be the possible formulation?
summyia qamar
summyia qamar on 23 Sep 2018
yes something like that. If epressed in x form then it coudld be that x is cell array of [1x2] where x1 is [1x3] and x2 is [1x3] and x(1)= either row 1 of P1 or row 2. and x(2) =row 2 of P2 or row 2. this is to be selected by the solver which row of P1 and P2 minimizes the funcion

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