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Load function not properly loading a numeric ASCII file

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I am trying to load and ASCII file that is 24X48. The load function will not load the load the actual values in the work space. It will load zeros. The "readtable" will work without a problem but it puts in format has to be converted into an array and can only be done after individual values are pulled out, put into a 1X1 table then converted into an array. I am using R2018a at this time. I never had this problem with my old version R2008b.
Is there a way to use the load function on a ASCII file that is in the form of a table that will not cause this issue?
Ideally, I need a function that can load in an ASCII file into the workspace as an array quickly without jumping through hoops and allow the data to be either a character or an integer or number?
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 28 Sep 2018
Duplicated by later which has some responses

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