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Can I use MATLAB Coder on .mlapp files?

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Michael on 17 Oct 2018
Edited: Adam on 17 Oct 2018
I have used the MATLAB App Designer to put together a GUI that works. I have seen that you can use MATLAB Compiler to create an executable from the App, but I don't have that toolbox so that's not a viable option for me. I am wondering whether I can generate C++ code for this App using MATLAB Coder. I've never used the toolbox before but it appears that MATLAB Coder can generate C++ code for MATLAB classes and functions and it's my understanding that that's what's under the hood for a .mlapp file, but I'm not seeing a workflow that gets me from a working .mlapp file to generated C++ code. Is there one?
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Adam on 17 Oct 2018
I very much doubt it. A .mlapp file is fundamentally a UI with the underlying code and you can't turn a UI into C++ code via Coder, whatever source it comes from.
Classes are supported via Coder, but the ui components inside it will not be.

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