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How to apply for loop for specific files of each subfolder and record maximum value in matrix form?

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sam moor
sam moor on 20 Oct 2018
Edited: sam moor on 20 Oct 2018
I have folder name "m2ftaci_wns_BFGS".The folder have multiple subfolders,m2ftaci_wns_BFGS_0.05, m2ftaci_wns_BFGS_0.10 etc.
I would like to go each subfolders (for e.g. m2ftaci_wns_BFGS_0.05) and under that subfolder there are hundreds of files.
I would like to run for loop for two files at same time (one col-rot-hist11.out and beam-rot-hist23.out) and record maximum value of two files and do for all the files with same name but different numbers at last (e.g. 12 and 24, 13 and 25 so on). I did for loop for subfolders but when i go to each subfolders how do I use for loop for two files name at a time and also other same file name but different two numbers at last. Any idea is appreciated.

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