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How to decrypt a .mat file ?

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Chidiebere Ike
Chidiebere Ike el 23 de Oct. de 2018
Comentada: MOUSSAOUI FAOUZI el 31 de Dic. de 2021
Is there any way to go about this? I need an information on how to decrypt a given .mat file named "conf.mat" ?
I have to use this configuration file and make changes on its loaded parameters to suite my work.
Is there anyway this can be decrypted ?
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Chidiebere Ike
Chidiebere Ike el 23 de Oct. de 2018
Thanks Rik. I appreciate
MOUSSAOUI FAOUZI el 31 de Dic. de 2021
Hello, all my Matlab files have been encrypted by ransomware online. Is there a way to recover and decrypt Matlab files? Thank you.

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John D'Errico
John D'Errico el 23 de Oct. de 2018
Editada: John D'Errico el 23 de Oct. de 2018
I believe the complete file specs for a .mat file are not published outside of The MathWorks. That means if you want to fully "decrypt" a .mat file, then change a variable, and save it back out, you have one good option - get a job at The MathWorks.
Of course even then, you still have a problem. Since the .mat files have changed format at times over the years with release changes, anything you did would be potentially version specific, and might not work with a different release.
So the only reliable solution to your problem is to not solve it as you wish. Instead, use load. Load the file, then modify the variables in question, and finally save it back out. This solution is easy and incredibly fast to implement, instead of the complex approach you seem to want to follow.
As far as your comment that you tried it, but not all content was shown, just means you may not understand how to properly use load, or perhaps are not using MATLAB properly. So it is difficult to help you there without seeing what confused you and what you indeed did try.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson el 27 de Oct. de 2018
You have
for i = 1:numel(midres)
features = collect(conf, {midres{i}}, conf.upsample_factor, conf.filters);
features = double(features);
You do not output features anywhere, so there would not appear to be any point in calculating them.
You are overwriting all of the variable features each round of the loop.
Chidiebere Ike
Chidiebere Ike el 27 de Oct. de 2018
Editada: Chidiebere Ike el 27 de Oct. de 2018
The attachment I made was what I did so far.
Please please guide me through this sir to achieve this. I wish to compare this Demo_LANR_NLM method alongside other methods with my proposed method and will be good to have DEMO_LANR_NLM in function file like I had others such as BICUBIC, Global Regressor, ANR, LANR etc on "methods" folder.
What I always do is to run the Demo_LANR_NLM code separately to obtain its PSNR and SSIM values and images quality… And run my proposed code separately as well to compare both.
So I felt it will be better to run all at once in my code. Just like the Demo_LANR_NLM code had bicubic, ScSR, ANR, GR and LANR etc in its list of the methods to be compared.
Thats all.
Guide me sir

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson el 23 de Oct. de 2018
Mat files are not encrypted. They are data files, many of the entries are compressed. See the link for Malcolm's utilities.
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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang el 23 de Oct. de 2018
The OP's question and comments are misleading. They sounded complicated but it turned out to be not knowing a simple command. Now the Q&A are completely off topic.
Chidiebere Ike
Chidiebere Ike el 23 de Oct. de 2018
Editada: Chidiebere Ike el 23 de Oct. de 2018
I am sorry about that Jiang. My first issue has been solved. Then I presented another here. Here is the link
Any contribution will be appreciated.
Thank you so much

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