how to select specific files

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Samaneh Arzpeima
Samaneh Arzpeima on 9 Nov 2018
Commented: Samaneh Arzpeima on 12 Nov 2018
Thank you for your time,this is a question from a Matlab beginer!
I have a folder(name Site) with two hundereds seventy one '.dat' files in it. They named as site●●▲▲.dat ●● starts from 01 up to 09 and ▲▲is from 01 upto 16. Now I need to select just sites with number 0901 to 0916.(i.e. site0901.dat site0902.dat ... site0916.dat) If i write
idir = './Site/';
Fault = [];
files = dir([idir,'*09*.dat']);
I will get site0901.dat as well as site0109.dat
files = dir([idir,'09*.dat']);
wont extract any files.and
files = dir([idir,'*.dat']);
give me all the 271 files.
would you please teach me how to do this.
Samaneh Arzpeima
Samaneh Arzpeima on 11 Nov 2018
Edited: Samaneh Arzpeima on 12 Nov 2018
Thank you So Much.
got exactly what I needed.

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Answers (1)

KSSV on 9 Nov 2018
YOu can read all the files using:
allfiles = dir('*.dat') ; % all dat files info
files = [] ; % this gives only file names
From files, you can get the index of your required files like below:
files = {'site01.dat','site02.dat','site03.dat','site04.dat','site05.dat','site06.dat','site07.dat','site08.dat'.....
'site09.dat','site10.dat'} ;
num = cellfun(@(x) x(5:end-4),files,'UniformOutput',false) ;
num = cellfun(@str2num,num) ;
idx = num >5 & num < 9 ;
Samaneh Arzpeima
Samaneh Arzpeima on 12 Nov 2018
I learned a ton today! Thank’s a lot!

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