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Custom genetic algorithm- linking all the files and data file.

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I wanted to implement a custom genetic algorithm. I have written the custom population function, (InvClassifyGAFunc2), custom fitness function (InvClassifyGAFunc), mating pool (matepool), custom crossover function (UniXOver), custom mutation function (UniMutate) and InvClassifyGAWeightedSumFunc. But I am unable to link all these files and run genetic algorithm. I am attaching all these files. please help me in linking these files and run genetic algorithm. I am attaching data file also (DataInvClassify1).

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Kallam Haranadha Reddy
Kallam Haranadha Reddy el 21 de Nov. de 2018
I Solved the Inventory Classification using genetic algorithm with the help of optimization tool box of MATLAB R 2015b. I found that there is no need to write custom creation function. I used only Fitness function and InvClassifyGAweightedsum function.

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