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How can I train a convolutional neural network for both classification and regression?

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I would like to use the same convolutional neural network to classify and perform regression on images. In other words, I would like to have shared input and hidden layers, but then branch off into a regression output layer and a classification output layer. How can I do this?
Part of this problem is that I have a lot of float-valued images stored as .mat files, so I would like to use their file names instead of storing all of my data in memory. Is it possible to use an image datastore with 2 labels for each image, or something like it?
As an example, I would like to train a convolutional neural network to classify digits and determine their rotation. MathWorks already has examples for the classification task and for the regression task. I would like to couple the two problems.

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KH TOHIDUL ISLAM el 6 de Jun. de 2020
If you have not found any solution for this, now you can have one! Please visit the following link!
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Matthew Fall
Matthew Fall el 17 de Jun. de 2020
Unfortunately, the example in this link relies on holding all of the data in memory. I am hoping for an out-of-memory solution.

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