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Design and Implementation of a Communication System for Poor Quality Communication Channels using MATLAB simulink

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Hamza saeed khan
Hamza saeed khan on 21 Dec 2018
Closed: Walter Roberson on 21 Dec 2018
Design and Implementation of a Communication System for Poor Quality Communication Channels using MATLAB....
Task Description
This coursework project aims to design and implement an end-to-end digital
communication link over a poor quality communication channel using
MATLAB simulation software.
The end goal is to implement a wireless acoustic communication system, in
which a speaker on one computer (running MATLAB) and a microphone
connected to another computer (running MATLAB) are employed as the
transmitting and receiving antennas respectively.
Many sources of noise and distortion will be present in this channel, among
them: non-ideal and/or nonlinear channel characteristics, multipath
propagation, propagation delay, and ambient noise. A large part of your brief
is to study these transmission impairments and how they can be overcome
using suitable methods. Your goal is to design and implement a
communication system that achieves high bit rate throughput and reliable
transmission despite these transmission impairments.
You have full control over what simulation components and parameters to
use, and you are encouraged to try a number of different combinations of
these. It is also expected that you will make smart choices about the type(s) of
modulation to choose, and compare their performances as well. This will
involve a significant amount of background research.
You should start by designing and modelling the communication system
and channel in MATLAB before implementing the final physical system.
MATLAB provides a number of non-ideal communication channel
models for you to use in evaluating your design.

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