Calculating arc length of segments using interparc

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Hi, I was using 'interparc' function to divide an arc in to 'n' number of equal segments. I expected each segment to give me equal arc length. But when i calculate the arc-length of each one of these segments, i am getting different arc-lengths. Any explanation regarding this will be appreciated?
'px','py' and 'arc_pt' files are attached as references
px = X_coord_req;
py = Y_coord_req;
pt = interparc(50,px,py,'linear');
ax = gca;
ax.YDir = 'reverse';
axis([0 6600 0 5000])
arc_pt = zeros(length(pt)-1,1);
n = length(pt(:,1));
for ii = 1:n-1
arc_pt(ii) = sqrt((pt(ii+1,1) - pt(ii,1))^2 + (pt(ii+1,2) - pt(ii,2))^2);

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