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improve the performance of semantic segmentation

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As Has
As Has on 9 Jan 2019
i used this options for training SegNet on my own data (medical image) but i got high error and looowww accuracy
i reduced the value of learning rate and reguralization but still the same problem..what is your advice to get loww error high accuracy
options = trainingOptions('sgdm', 'Momentum', 0.9,'InitialLearnRate', 0.001, 'LearnRateSchedule', 'piecewise', ...
'LearnRateDropFactor', 0.9,'LearnRateDropPeriod',1,'L2Regularization', 0.0001,'MaxEpochs', 30, ...
'MiniBatchSize', 4, 'Shuffle', 'every-epoch', 'Plots','training-progress', 'VerboseFrequency', 10);


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