How to edit phone number on Mathworks account?

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How can one change or update their contact number on Mathworks account? I don't see the option under EDIT PROFILE.

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Rishabh Gupta
Rishabh Gupta on 17 Jan 2019
Hi Abhilash,
I do not see any option to add/edit contact number within the MathWorks profile. Kindly clarify what you exactly mean by updating the contact number since there is no field where you enter your contact number.
For more clarifications, you may contact MathWorks Customer Support.
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Abhilash Sukumari
Abhilash Sukumari on 17 Jan 2019
Perhaps, I should have rephrased my question. I see that there is no option to populate your phone number. How do I include include my phone number to mathworks account, as it is the best way mathworks can reach me, and email is the second best way to reach me.

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