how to draw a 2d stacked plot

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Hello everyone
I have 3 parameters
now I want to have a stacked plot for sliprates against time that is the same for all.Each sliprate should be ploted at its y position.
I used the following code
t=time(:,1); %10000*1
y=alongstrike(1,:); %1*41 (-100:5:100)
hold all
for i=1:41
plot(time(:,i),sliprate(:,i)+alongstrike(1,i)) %sliprate is 10000*41
my problem is that I can't see the sliprate movement,its so small.they should all look like real waves. I attached my figure .Can you tell me what could get fixed

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 21 Jan 2019
I can barely see any variation, even when I enlarge the image.
One option is simply to amplify them, perhaps by 100, and note that in the information about the plot:
plot(time(:,i),sliprate(:,i)+alongstrike(1,i) * 100) %sliprate is 10000*41
Star Strider
Star Strider on 21 Jan 2019
My pleasure.
No worries!
the ‘test3d.jpg’ image looks like a plot3 (link) or a ribbon (link) plot. Experiment with them. You will likely get the result you want. You may have to modify the width property of the ribbon plot to get a result similar to that image.

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