How graph using for loop

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Dionisio Mendoza
Dionisio Mendoza on 8 Feb 2019
Edited: Dionisio Mendoza on 15 Feb 2019
it is possible to classify the data of a graph using the for loops?
For example so that the data of this graph if they paint four different colors ( x> 90 y<90, another x> 90 y> 90, another x<90 y<90,another x<90 y> 90)

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 8 Feb 2019
Read about kmeans
x=-100+(100+100)*rand(1500,1); %Un vector de 1500 renglones x 1 fila, que muestra nuemros random desde -100 a 100
y=-100+(100+100)*rand(1500,1); %Otro vector de 1500 renglones x 1 fila, qu mustra numeros random dl-110 al 100
title('Numeros Aleatorios entre -100 y 100','color','green')
idx = kmeans([x y],4) ;
hold on
for i = 1:4
plot(x(idx==i),y(idx==i),'.','color',rand(1,3)) ;

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