How to save matlab coding output data in a file?

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I am working with matlab coding. I need to run the simulations for different models. For the 1st model, I run the simulation, it saves output in the workspace. but when i run the 2nd model, it saves the output file for the 2nd model. That is why i need to save the output for the 1st model to a file. So, i can store my outputs of all models.
can anyone please suggest me how to do?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 8 Feb 2019
Do not save naming .m file as destination . Name a .mat file.

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Omer Yasin Birey
Omer Yasin Birey on 8 Feb 2019
Edited: Omer Yasin Birey on 8 Feb 2019
Stephen23 on 8 Feb 2019
"Don't forget to write '-append' at the end otherwise it will write the variables over your existing variables. Meaning that your old variables will be deleted."
Yet that is exactly what the -append option does for .mat files: it overwrites existing variables of the same name, which confuses a lot of beginners (it would be better named overwrite or something similar). This is explained in the save help (and easily checked with a few tests).
The suggested answer to use matfile is pointlessly complex for this trivial task. Much simpler to use save in a loop, generating the filename each time:

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