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Colormap on polarhistogram bars

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MichailM el 11 de Feb. de 2019
Respondida: Alok Nimrani el 19 de Feb. de 2019
Is there any way to include a colormap on the polarhistogram bars? For example, based on the code below
close all;
clear all;
% Random theta values between 0 and 2*pi
a = 0;
b = 2*pi;
theta = (b-a).*rand(1000,1) + a;
% Random values between -100 and 100
c = -100;
d = 100;
val = (d-c).*rand(1000,1) + c;
data = [theta val];
% Plotting
f1 = figure(1);
p(1) = polarhistogram(data(:,1),...
ax = gca;
ax.ThetaZeroLocation = 'top';
ax.ThetaDir = 'clockwise';
The polarhistogram is generaetd based on the values of the data(:,1) column. It would be useful to have a colormap based on the corresponding values of data(:,2).

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Alok Nimrani
Alok Nimrani el 19 de Feb. de 2019
Hi Michail,
You can define a colormap using hsv function and then choose a line color according to the values of data(:,2). You can have a look at the following ML Answers post which describes an approach to achieve this:
Hope this helps.


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