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Getting 'Argument must contain string error' error when saving, it's always worked before

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Here is a short piece of my code.
queue = '\Q0';
Case = '\02';
path = 'D:\Data';
folder4Mfiles = strcat(path,'\Raw',queue,Case); % this corresponds to a location on my computer, I've never had trouble saving with this folder name before
filename = sprintf('E%d.dat',ti); % Set filename as the E file of current time step
disp('E file is loading') % just what we call the files, they are just .dat format
InputData=load(filename); % Load the E file of current time step
disp('E file is done loading')
M = 352;
N = 92;
P = 352;
X = reshape(InputData(:,1),M,N,P);
But now I get this error.
Error using save
Argument must contain a string.
I don't understand? [folder4Mfiles,'\Position_File.mat'] is a string

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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes el 18 de Feb. de 2019
Editada: Geoff Hayes el 18 de Feb. de 2019
Nathaniel - perhaps the error is with the second input parameter
where you should be passing the name of the variable to save rather than the variable itself. In that case, the above would become
Also, consider using fullfile to build your path with filename like
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Nathaniel H Werner
Nathaniel H Werner el 18 de Feb. de 2019
It looks like both you and Jan gave the same answer, off by a minute. It's been a while since I've used this code, so I think this is a case of forgetting some of the syntax rules.
As to whether to use the variable 'path' or not, I think to be safe I will just call it Path or PATH or some other rendition of the name moving forward.
Thank you!

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