Parpool won't start anymore

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Mads on 21 Feb 2019
Answered: Namnendra on 18 Jun 2022
All of the sudden parpool will not start. After hours of trying it does not succeed.
It has run without problems for months and months. I usually run the 'local' profile
Only changes made recently, was addition of new Win 10 user, and addition of a startup.m file for the original user (otherwise matlab would also f*** up starting properly.
Computer has been restarted thrice, but matlab can't start parpool.
Any clues?
I also can't validate the local profile. It gets stuck in createJob (second task)
pratik kadam
pratik kadam on 17 Jun 2022
Hi @Mads,
Is issue resolved? I'm also facing similar problem with MATLAB2019b

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Answers (1)

Namnendra on 18 Jun 2022


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