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Force mex to use LCC even with Visual Studio installed

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Carl Banks
Carl Banks el 5 de Abr. de 2019
If I install Matlab on a machine without a compatible version of Visual C++, it happily uses the bundled LCC to compile mex files, build Simulink models, and so on.
If Visual C++ is installed, it uses that compiler instead.
Fair enough, but I would like to be able to force it to use the bundled LCC, temporarily, even with VC++ installed. I would like this option so that I can run tests using LCC. I don't want to force downstream users to install Visual Studio just to run some silly Simulink model I wrote, and LCC sometimes does not work that well.
Of course, "mex -setup cpp" is useless, it just flat out doesn't give me the option. Tried this on a few different recent versions.

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