Grouping using for loops (signal processing)

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Sordin on 26 Apr 2019
Commented: dpb on 27 Apr 2019
I am working with a signal data that consist of consecutive dips as shown below. I am only interested in the portion of the signal that lies below a certain point d (the red line). I am trying to write a code which sorts the contents of each dip into one separate group.
And here is the grouping that I need:
For instance, the following code is one of my attempts which didn't work. It generates 310 groups instead of the desired 12 groups.
k=0; % Group number
for i = 1 : length(signal)
if signal(i) < d
while signal(i) < d
NewSignal(i, k) = signal(i);
i = i + 1;
Any explanations or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
P. S. I've included an attachement of my data which can be accessed as follows:
M = csvread('DS0007.csv');
time = M(:,1)*1.00e-03;
waveform = M(:,2)*2.00e-01;
waveform = sgolayfilt(waveform,9,21);
dpb on 27 Apr 2019
You're already using it...
>> which sgolayfilt
But, it appears the signal is noise-free enough that it shouldn't be hard to find the locations with a much larger difference between ordinal positions than the next point once you've separated out those less than the threshold.
Use find to return the positions from the logical vector

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